Wall Hooks - All

Our designer hooks are currently available on Etsy or directly from us.

With a mid-century modern look, these solid brass wall hooks will work in so many places! They are strong and large enough to hold your warmest winter coat, fluffiest towel, or your dog’s favorite leash. These hooks also work well as curtain tie backs.

The hooks are made of solid brass and can be purchased in 4 finishes as follows:

  1. Brass (no finish) – sold out!
  2. Polished chrome
  3. Polished nickel
  4. Smoky chrome

These hooks are available with or without knurling on the heads. Please visit our Etsy store for availability.

FinishHead Style
Brass – sold out!Plain
Brass – sold out!Knurled
Polished ChromePlain
Polished ChromeKnurled
Polished NickelPlain
Polished NickelKnurled
Smoky ChromePlain

Note: Chrome and nickel are very similar in appearance as they both have a reflective, mirror finish. The way the hooks look in these photos and would look in your home depends on lighting and ambiance. Chrome has a slight blue shine, while nickel has a slight yellow/gold tinge.

These hooks can be mounted in two different ways and the hardware for both is included: three screws, one hanger bolt and plastic wall anchors.

Mounting Hardware for Wall Hook

One of the great features of the design of these hooks is the mounting hardware (screws or hanger bolt) are hidden when the hook is installed.

Wall Hook Specifications

7.7 ounces (218 grams)

Total Length: 2.75″
Head and Base Diameter: 1.25″


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and check us out on Instagram (@stingerich) to see what we’re up to 😊