Keyhole Hangers
Brass And Aluminum Keyhole Hangers

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These brass and aluminum keyhole hangers will make hanging your next creation easy. They are quick and easy to use, look great, and allow you to flush mount your project to the wall.

All you need to do is cut a hole 5/16 inches deep using a Forstner bit, no router or additional screws required! The brass hangers are 5/8 inches in diameter and the aluminum keyhole hangers are 3/4 inches in diameter.

Once you’ve cut the hole, just use glue/adhesive to secure the keyhole hanger into place and you’re done! We have special grooves etched in the side of the insert that allows the adhesive to bond securely.

We designed the aluminum keyhole hangers to have a solid border around the outside of the slug, which prevents glue from getting inside the slug during installation.

The brass keyhole hangers can accept sizes from #6 up to #8, while the aluminum keyhole hangers can accept screw sizes from #6, up to #10. Please note that screws are not included.

You’ll only need a single insert for light and small items, but we recommend more than one for bigger or heavier items to spread the load.

Keyhole Hanger Dimensions

DiameterDepthScrew Sizes Accepted
Brass Keyhole Hanger5/8 inch5/16 inch#6, #8
Aluminum Keyhole Hanger 3/4 inch5/16 inch #6, #8, #10

Customer Reviews

5 stars! *****
Highly recommend this product. Super cool, works great! Wish I’d known about it sooner. Should be sold everywhere. This is the future of hanging stuff on walls. Btw, I used gorilla glue epoxy resin after I drilled my forstner bit hole into the wood. It is extremely secure for gluing aluminum to wood. Buy these!!
– Etsy customer, September 2021

5 stars! *****
Absolutely perfect! Dimensions were exact match for the failed plastic ones I needed to replace. Order was easy, shipment was super fast and repairs have already been made.
– Etsy customer, July 2021

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