Heavy Duty French Cleat

The French cleat is a wall hanging system in which one support bar is screwed to the wall and a second support bar is screwed to an object to be hung to the wall. The object is then secured to the wall by interlocking the two support bars. Our French cleat is made from solid extruded aluminum. It will not rust and is corrosion resistant! Great for indoor and outdoor use, in workshops, garages, sheds, hanging artwork, living walls, and more.

***Please note: French cleat systems require a pair of cleats, one that attaches to the wall and one that attaches to the item being hung on the wall. If you purchase a single cleat, then you will need to cut it into two pieces to create the set. You can use a hacksaw or a cold cut saw to cut through the cleat.

Design Specifications For Heavy Duty French Cleat

Designed and manufactured in Canada. The Stingerich Heavy Duty French Cleat has the following specifications:

Aluminum alloy 6063 T6
Mill finish

Height: 1.5″
Depth: 0.75″
Length: 72″ (custom lengths up to 72″ available)

Weight: 0.803 lbs/ft

French Cleat
French Cleat - Assembled Dimensions
French Cleat – Assembled Dimensions

Mounting the Heavy Duty French Cleat

In order to secure the French cleat to the wall and to the item that you wish to hang on the wall, you will need to add screw holes to the cleats. Drilling the holes yourself allows you to place them wherever you need them. For example, you may wish to align the screw holes with studs in the wall. Holes can be drilled in the aluminum cleats with a standard drill and drill bits.

Weight Capacity of the French Cleats

This aluminum French cleat is very heavy duty and the weight it can hold is limited only by the attachments to the wall and the object to be hung on the wall. We are unable to provide a maximum weight bearing capacity because the attachments and underlying structure are different for each customer.

To determine the weight capacity, you would need to consider the wall structure: Are you attaching it to drywall, studs, masonry, or something else? You’ll also need to consider the weight, size, and composition of the object you’re hanging.

Please use caution if you are planning to hang something heavy to ensure that it is safely mounted. If you’re not an expert yourself, we recommend that you take advice from an experienced builder or other expert who can help you safely mount the item. Unfortunately, we cannot provide this advice to you.

Benefits of our French Cleat Design

  1. Extremely heavy duty solid aluminum construction.
  2. You can drill as many holes as you need to securely attach bars to the wall and object to be hung.
  3. Holes can be drilled anywhere along the length of the bar, to allow screw placement that aligns with studs in the wall.
  4. The metal bar is rigid and and when screwed to wooden objects, it can help to prevent warping of the wood.
  5. Solid aluminum construction is corrosion resistant and can be used outdoors. However, please note that salty, humid ocean air causes metal to corrode 10 times faster than air with normal humidity.

How To Order

Canadian and U.S. customers can purchase our products here.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to ship the French Cleat outside North America.


We ship by tracked mail when possible. Canadian and US orders are generally delivered within a week or less.

Expedited shipping is available upon request.

Price List

Please contact us at for pricing details.

Bulk pricing for large orders and retail services is available.


Please contact us for custom lengths and any other questions. We are able to cut the cleats to any length up to 6 feet (72 inches).

Customer Reviews

5 Stars! *****
Very high quality and strong. This will handle the heaviest of jobs. I used it to hang a very large ceramic tile mural which was assembled on hardy board backer….well over 150 lbs and joins in center ( 2 pieces ). This system keeps it from bowing and secure to the wall. Other systems tried and failed.
– Etsy Customer, November 2021

5 Stars! *****
The package arrived promptly and was packaged well to avoid damage. The item is of superior craftsmanship and is as described in the specs. I would recommend this to anyone needing to hang heavy items.
– Etsy Customer, November 2021